Does your stuffed animal, teddy bear, plush toy or blankie need to be cleaned or repaired? Get them examined at the Stuffed Animal Hospital today and get them looking and feeling like new again! It's a fun and interactive way to nurse your stuffed animal back to health! Kids love it!
Each $49.95 Stuffed Animal Hospital visit includes the following:
  • Ambulance ride to Stuffed Animal Hospital (we supply postage to & from, you will need a box for shipping).
  • Examination of the stuffed animal patient.
  • Recommendation & estimate for cleaning or repair.
  • Cleaning & repair upon approval of estimate.
  • Hospital bracelet with patient's name.
  • Ambulance ride back to your house.

Due the nature of cleaning and repairing stuffed animals, teddy bears, plush toys and blankies, the cost of the Stuffed Animal Hospital visit does not include cleaning or repairing the patient. We'll determine the extent of the work involved and contact you with our recommendations and estimate for cleaning or repairing the patient. At that time, you can decide whether or not you would like us to continue to treat the patient. In either case, the return ambulance ride to your house is covered in the cost of the hospital visit.

Cleaning and repairs generally take 1-2 weeks to complete. Your cleaning and repair may take less or more time depending on the amount of work required. When we contact you with our examination results, we will also let you know how long the cleaning and/or repair will take.

Ambulance rides to Stuffed Animal Hospital are insured up to $300 if the patient is lost or stolen. Please do not send stuffed animals, teddy bears, plush toys or blankies to us that are valued at more than $300 without first contacting us for instructions. Stuffed Animal Hospital visits are limited to patients that are 5 pounds or less and 25" or less in size. If the patient weighs more than 5 pounds or greater than 25" in size, please contact us for instructions. We cannot fix mechanical toys or animals with real fur.

All hospital patients are treated with utmost care! Check out some of our patients below: