You Can Order Out of Stock Products
Products may be listed as "Out of Stock" for a number reasons, including being in high demand or simply because they're new and haven't arrived to our warehouse yet. You can still order any out of stock item that allows you to add it to your cart. We list the availability underneath the stock status, which tells you the approximate amount of time it takes to replenish our stock of the product. When you order out of stock items, you'll be the first in line to receive them once they arrive back in stock. Shop with confidence!
We Can Notify You When Certain Products Return to Stock
Products that will not be returning for an extended period of time will not allow you to add them to your cart. These products will have "Email me when Back-In-Stock" listed underneath the add to wishlist button below the add to cart button. When you click on the "Email me when Back-In-Stock" link, you can request to be notified the second the product you're interested in returns to our warehouse. We will send you an email, along with a picture of the product and link that you can click on to go directly to the product page to order it.
We receive new shipments daily. Due to our sales volume, products sell out quickly and we do our best to replenish them as quickly as possible. If there will be a delay in processing or shipping your order, we will notify you and give you every available option to complete your order and keep you 100% satisfied.