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Toy Safety & Quality
Are stuffed animals & toys made in China safe?
  Our number one priority is to sell safe child friendly products. We care about our stufftomers and their children. Virtually every stuffed animal manufactured today is manufactured in China. Companies manufacture in China because it's cheaper foremost, but secondly because of the fast turnaround and high quality of the goods produced. Every company that we work with is commited to producing only the highest quality products that meet all toy industry safety standards. Many of the companies we work with have been in business for 25 or more years and some for over 75 years. If you ever have safety concerns regarding any of our products, please feel free to contact customer service.
Do you sell products made for babies?
  Yes, we have a special section dedicated to baby related stuffed animals, toys, nursery gifts, apparel and other fun baby items. If you're shopping for baby gifts, we recommend browsing the baby section. If you have questions about baby safe products, please contact customer service.
What are your stuffed animals made of?
  The vast majority of our stuffed animals are manufactured using natural or synthetic materials. The quality of the synthetic materials of our stuffed animals is extremely high and the materials are very realistic. Some of our stuffed animals use Alpaca fur or Mohair which is hair from the Angora goat. Rest assured, we only work with reputable manufacturers that have been in business for years. We support the humane treatment of animals.