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Stuffed Animal Sizes & Selection
How do I pick the right size stuffed animal?
We understand that product descriptions are very valuable when purchasing items online and we hope this helps. Stuffed animals come in a multitude of sizes and shapes. The product sizes listed on our site are provided by the manufacturers. We do not measure the items and therefore, we are not at liberty to change the information because they are not our products.
Choosing the right ones for your particular needs is easy once you understand how stuffed animals are measured. It is customary in the plush industry to measure stuffed animals stretched from head to foot (or nose to tail, depending on the creature). Typically, stuffed animals standing on all fours or in a laying position are measured from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tale. Stuffed animals that are sitting or standing on two legs are measured from top of their head to the bottom of their feet or back side. So, no matter how the item is posed in the picture, the size given indicates the overall length of the item.

What are the differences between crane & retail quality?
All of the stuffed animals that we sell are retail quality. Like almost everything in life, you really do get what you pay for and stuffed animals are no different. Crane quality stuffed animals are designed and manufactured to serve the crane and arcade industry. They act as inexpensive prizes and toys that can be bought in bulk at cheap prices to the crane machine owners. Retail quality stuffed animals are more expensive than crane animals, but the quality is much higher. You would immediately notice the difference in quality and durability if you compared a crane animal to a retail quality stuffed animal.
Comparison Retail Quality Crane Quality
Retail level quality? Yes No
Suitable for gift giving? Yes No
Usually machine washable? Yes No
Widest selection? Yes No
Name brand manufacturers? Yes No
We do not recommend crane plush for anything other than their intended uses. If you're considering comprimising on the quality of your stuffed animals just to fit within your budget, we recommend that you consider a smaller size retail quality stuffed animal or increasing the quantity of stuffed animals that could potentially reduce your cost.