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Care, Cleaning & Repair Instructions
Does repair stuffed animals?
Yes, we operate Stuffed Animal Hospital™ where you can get your stuffed animal, teddy bear, plush toy or blankie repaired. Visit Stuffed Animal Hospital™ and follow the instructions for sending us the "patient".
How do I clean my stuffed animals?
With proper care, stuffed animals can remain clean with little or no cleaning. For best results, store your stuffed animals in a clean, dry environment. Before attempting to clean any stuffed animal, check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Kids, always ask your a parent or an adult for help before trying to clean your stuffed animals on your own.
1. If your stuffed animal has accumulated dust, we recommend using a vacuum wand to gently suction the dust off of the stuffed animal.
2. If your stuffed animal has been stained, you may lightly dampen a soft cloth with water and a mild detergent or upholstery cleaner and gently wipe the surface until clean. Let air dry after cleaning.
3. Avoid getting your stuffed animal wet beneath the surface while cleaning.
4. If your stuffed animal has become wet or badly soiled, check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
The cleaning instructions provided above are general guidelines and are not appropriate for cleaning every type of stuffed animal. Use them at your own risk. You may also visit our Stuffed Animal Hospital™ if you would like us to clean your stuffed animals, teddy bears, plush toys or blankies.