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Aarkvark African Wild Dogs Anteaters
Armadillos Bats Bears
Beavers Buffalos and Bison Camels
Caribou Cheetahs Chipmunks
Coyotes Deer Dingos
Elk Foxes Gazelles
Gorillas Groundhogs Greater Galago
Hedgehogs Jaguars Kangaroos
Koalas Lemurs Leopards
Lions Lynx Meerkats
Moles Moose Mountain Goats
Mountain Lions Okapi Opposums
Pallas Cat Pandas Panthers
Platypus Porcupines Prairie Dogs
Raccoons Rhinos Skunks
Sloths Snails Squirrels
Tasmanian Devils Tigers Wolves
Wombats Zebras
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