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Ants Bed Bug Bees
Beetles Bulls Cats
Chickens Cows Crabs
Crickets Dinosaurs Dogs
Dolphins Donkeys Ducks
Eels Ferretts Fish
Fleas Flies Goats
Grasshoppers Guinea Pigs Hamsters
Horses Hippos Jellyfish
Ladybugs Lambs Leaf Bug
Lice Llamas Lobsters
Manatees Mosquitoes Octopus
Otters Pigs Preying Mantis
Rabbits Rats Roosters
Sea Horses Sea Turtles Sharks
Sheep Seals Sting Rays
Whales Scorpions Spiders
Arctic Foxes Penguins Polar Bears
Sea Lions Seals Snow Leopards
Snowshoe Hares Walruses
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