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16" Hansa Cow 14" Hansa Whimsey Cow
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Animal Facts:
A cow is a mature female and a bull an adult male of a bovine family. A heifer is a female cow that hasn't had a calf yet. Cattle is the name for the whole "cow" family. There are about 920 different breeds of cows in the world. They were domesticated about 5,000 years ago. Cows came to America with the Pilgrims.

  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Height: 11"
  • Position: Standing
  • The Handcrafted 14 Inch Lifelike Whimsey Cow Stuffed Animal by Hansa is an amazingly realistic and brilliantly designed stuffed animal that will last a lifetime. Our lifelike stuffed white and black cow has a one of a kind appearance and a high level of quality that can not be matched. Hand cut fabrics, hand sewn stitches, and a hand finished face are just a few of the things that go into the thoughtful and highly skilled creation of this stuffed cow. The specific characteristics of a white and black cow come alive in this stuffed animal with remarkable accuracy and its soulful eyes only further the necessity for calling it lifelike. The Lifelike White and Black Cow Stuffed Animal by Hansa is an unforgettable gift for avid nature lovers, animal lovers, and collectors. Children are certain to learn about nature while having loads of fun with this stuffed cow, a feat that many toys strive for but only a few accomplish. The immeasurable care put into creating this lifelike stuffed cow is only a fraction of the love it is bound to receive from its fortunate new owner.
  • Length: 8.66"
  • Width: 10.63"
  • Height: 13.78"